#85 – 14th – Board Gayming @ Blok Noord, NDSM from 19:00


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IMPORTANT: We’re relocating this Tuesday evening event to NDSM due to a private party @ PRIK.

IMPORTANT (Number 2): All our NDSM events are being moved to Blok Noord – this is situated directly between the previous 2 venues (Tt. Melaniaweg 11, 1033 ST Amsterdam).

Come join us and play a game with fellow gamers from and visiting Amsterdam!

Gayming starts from 19:00 and we generally organise the games and groups at the time, but feel free to check out our collection and drop us a line if there’s anything specific you’d like to play.

Feel free to bring your own games along but please note:

  • There are drinks and food on the tables, so you acknowledge your games could get damaged or pieces could go missing
  • You’re willing to explain the game to people who haven’t played before
  • Games don’t last for more than 2 hours

Tt. Melaniaweg 11, 1033 ST Amsterdam