About ReRoll Works

ReRoll Works is a creative with the purpose of providing compelling and challenging board game experiences to the LGBTQ+ audience and their supporters.

We are thrilled to be launching an exciting new series of board gaming events in Amsterdam, NL in the fantastic location of Prik: Amsterdam’s favourite gay bar. Focusing on giving folks a chance to play games and meet new people in the community, Board Gayming at Prik launches with its first event on November 5th. Designed both for city locals that haven’t yet found their gaming buddies as well as for visiting tourists that would like to spend some of their time enjoying one of their favourite past-times.

ReRoll Works will be publishing LGBTQ+ focused board games, starting with Gay Sauna The Board Game, an immersive gaming RPG experience taking players through the thrills and sexual encounters of a Gay Sauna using many existing gay-tropes and truths to create a fanciful narrative that will ring true for any experience Gay Sauna go-er, will offer an enticing fantasy adventure for any thirsty gay player and will provide an eye-openingly educational experience for anyone new to the intricacies of the modern gay hookup scene.