Are you gayming enough?

ReRoll Works proudly presents:

An open board gaming event for the LGBTQ+ community

Every Tuesday at PRIK from 19:00!

Spuistraat 109, 1012 SV Amsterdam

Every 2nd Thursday at LOADS (Friends) from 19:00!

Ms. Tarnweg 10, 1033 SK Amsterdam

Monthly Gayming XL at LOADS (Tanker) from 13:00!

Tt. Melaniaweg 2, 1033 ST Amsterdam

How it works

Choose when to play

We host sessions every Tuesday, two times a month on Thursdays and a monthly XL Gayming

Tables open at:
19:00 @ PRIK
19:00 @ LOADS (Tanker)
13:00 @ LOADS (Friends) for XL Gayming

Select your preferred game*

We’ve got a growing collection of games and always looking to get more.

If you’re interested in something not on the list, drop us a message.

Reserve your seat

Reserving your seat costs:
€3 @ PRIK
€5 @ LOADS (Friends)
€6,50 @ LOADS (Tanker) for XL Gayming

Please turn up on time.

About the events

Loads of people love playing board games, but not everyone has people around they can play with.

We’ve created a space where you can enjoy the hobby and meet new friends.

Whether you’re a board game enthusiast or just like the idea of playing some games, you’re absolutely welcome.

Games are introduced in English and you don’t need to have played before to join in.

We ask for players to reserve seats for games so everyone who wants to, will get the chance to play.

Feel free to drop in even if you’ve not reserved a space and it’s likely we’ll be able to get you into a game.

Can’t wait to see you at the next event!